Handwork Classes and Workshops

Classes and workshops are designed for teachers, parents, and classroom volunteers who would like to learn traditional handwork skills, deepen their understanding about why it is so important to teach them, and learn effective ways to do this.  Ideal for home-schooling parents, and others who want to share these skills with children.

Elizabeth draws on a half century of working with her hands and thirty years of teaching to share these workshops with you.

Classes and workshops are designed around your needs and interests. Put a group of friends together (2 – 8 people) and share the cost. Each session is around an hour and a half; in most cases more than one session is needed to introduce and reinforce the skills.Most classes are held in my home studio in Van Nuys, near the 101 and the 405. I can also come to you.

Each workshop offers:

  • Instruction in the specific skills
  • How to teach these skills
  • Storytelling as an integral part of the teaching and learning process
  • Profound experiential connection with cultures from around the world and throughout history.
  • Basic Knitting

Learn the basics: knitting, purling, casting on and casting off in this two, three or four session class. Make your own wooden knitting needles, and learn to make several simple knitted toys and household items.

(1st and 2nd grades in a Waldorf school).


  • Spinning

This three part class will introduce you to the ages old craft of hand-spinning using the drop spindle.  You will spin wool, silk, flax, and other ‘mystery fibers’ as it has been done throughout the world for millennia. Stories from several cultures.

(3rd grade in a Waldorf school).


  • Embroidery

Learn and practice basic embroidery stitches and embellishments from around the world; includes cross-stitch.

(4th grade in a Waldorf school).



  • Knitting in the Round

Knit a three dimensional object (such as a small cotton water bottle holder or woolen hat) on four needles in this two or three session class. Depending on experience level we can also explore color pattern knitting.

(5th grade in a Waldorf school).




  • Socks

This three session class will guide you through the mental gymnastics of knitting a pair of socks.  You will make the needles and learn the basics, from which you will be able to improvise.  For a small group of beginning knitters (around 3 or 4) or a larger group of comfortable knitters (8 – 10).

(5th grade in a Waldorf school).

  • Simple Knitted Clothes for Children

Make one children’s garment or several doll size items in this two or three session class. Explore basic garment shapes and improvise confidently. For every experience level.



  • Lace Knitting

Ready for an additional challenge? Lace knitting is much easier than you think! Learn the basic vocabulary of lace and begin a cotton towel edging or dress collar. One session.




  • Basic Sewing Skills

Learn and/ or review very basic sewing skills: efficient, effective ways to thread a needle, make a knot; basic stitiches such as running stitch, backstitch, pick stitch, hem stitich; make some simple projects depending on your interests and needs.

  • Sewing Star Babies

Make a simple doll for a young child. Basic sewing skills required.

One session, three hours.



  • Mind-bending Möbius

Scarf without beginning and without end! Make this practical and intriguing scarf with only one edge and one side.

One session, three hours.



  • Other Workshops

can be tailored to your needs. Practical and thought-provoking workshops are available. Some examples are: felting; plant-dyeing; book-binding; seasonal projects; teaching children quilting, sewing or embroidery; storytelling; the ebb and flow of (hand)work and contemplation; handwork, spirituality and education; others ……………

Calendar of Classes and Workshops

“I was inspired by the breadth of her knowledge and her love for the work. She was there for me in every way. Her clear presentation of the skills and her beautiful collection of age appropriate projects became the foundation for all my work. . . I am very grateful to her for sharing her many gifts.”

~ Mona Lewis, Handwork Teacher, Highland Hall Waldorf School

“With Elizabeth’s help, I was able to deepen my understanding of some of the “whys” behind the Handwork projects. . . . Her class teacher experience aided in my planning a 4 week fiber and clothing main lesson block I teach annually to our Third Grade.”

~ Jennifer Hedin, Handwork Teacher, San Diego Waldorf School

“Elizabeth carries the wisdom of Waldorf . . . a balance of compassion and joy . . . infectious smiling and laughing heartily!”

~ Amy Unger, Librarian, Highland Hall Waldorf School