Elizabeth Seward, PhD has been knitting for over half a century!

She has been in a Waldorf classroom since 1984 as a parent volunteer, handwork assistant, High School teacher, lead handwork teacher, class teacher and teacher educator.   Elizabeth taught Handwork throughout the grades for nearly twenty years. In the High School she taught German for six years, and Ancient and Medieval History for one year.

For three years, Elizabeth co-directed the teacher preparation program in Los Angeles (WISC) and opened the San Diego program.
She has been a member of the Advisory Board and a contributing editor to Living Crafts magazine for six years.

Elizabeth earned her doctorate from Claremont Graduate University in the historical and philosophical foundations of education in May 2005.
She is currently engaged in research and writing projects about the place of education as “product and producer of civilization.”

Elizabeth teaches spinning, knitting and other textile arts to ad hoc community groups, and shares her enthusiasm for Waldorf Education with parents of young children, home-schooling parents and graduate students. Most recently, she is actively involved in bringing aspects of Waldorf Education into the public school classroom.

Consulting and Mentoring

Elizabeth mentors handwork teachers and consults with schools to set up handwork programs. She is also available for evaluation visits. Call or email for more information.

Council and Consensus Facilitation

15+ years of experience in small and large groups, locally and nationally. Call or email for more information.

Please email me for my resume.